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Example Applications of In-Place Monitoring

Sensitive, compartmented information facilities (SCIF) are enclosed areas, ensuring complete shielding from surveillance of any kind. Electronics are not permitted inside. In addition, these facilities are often sound-proofed and physically guarded to protect information crucial to state matters.

With Overt AI’s in-place monitoring capabilities, no accidental or intentional breach will occur as devices emitting any energy in unauthorised locations will be identified, and security teams notified before any vital intelligence is shared. Cutting-edge artificial intelligence detects and accurately locates even the most subtle and evasive transmission technologies.

The political context has a history full of illicit surveillance. Government and diplomatic premises must guarantee privacy as consequential, sensitive, and highly sought-after information is exchanged and kept on site. These environments need an unobtrusive, cost and time-effective means of securing signal space from transmitting devices to assure freedom to discuss strategy, policy and other important intelligence.

In-place monitoring solves this problem by providing around-the-clock oversight of the space. Without this technology present, antagonistic actors are far more likely to have exfiltrated information that can be used as a detriment to national security or wellbeing.

Identify surveillance attempts as they start, not after the harm is done with continual in-place monitoring. Overt AI can integrate with other security systems, such as CCTV systems, giving guards an advantage in preventing damage and catching the hostile actor. Our innovative deep-learning signal analysis assures that even the most sophisticated transmission technology will be detected and located.

Critical, national infrastructure (CNI) assets attract substantial amounts of unwanted attention from actors with nefarious intent as they have immense influence over national functionality and wellbeing. Due to the enormous power of these facilities, critical infrastructure protection (CIP) measures must be as successful as possible.

CNI facilities invest heavily in the security and safety of their assets with routine testing, research and development. These facilities make sure that they are as capable as possible and steps ahead of incoming threats. However, potential weak points that continue to get exploited are the cyber and radiofrequency spaces. These methods of intrusion in these facilities could cause catastrophic loss of life and economic damage.

With Overt AI as the cornerstone of the defence system of the RF space in and around the premises is accurately and effectively under control by alerting and detailing unwarranted activity and its exact location.

Business relies on companies of people identifying new market needs, researching, developing, strategizing, designing, and communicating solutions to demand. Critical information flows throughout company spaces amongst staff in substantial detail. As a result, the safety of this inside information and intellectual property is of great concern. Even with a strong network, legal and physical securities in place, organisations still struggle with internal breaches and confidential information leaks.

The need for efficient in-place monitoring – According to the Commission on Theft of American Intellectual Property, the cost of stolen trade secrets is between $180 to $540 billion per year for the US economy alone.

Technical surveillance countermeasures involving sweeps are almost entirely ineffective against modern surveillance devices. Furthermore, they are highly disruptive, intermittent, and time and human resource consuming. Cutting-edge surveillance technologies can record sensitive information in a mostly dormant state and pass data through a high-speed connection. Employees can quickly deactivate and reactivate any exfiltration equipment around sweep teams, even under a sporadic procedure.

Overt AI monitors its space 24/7. It detects the briefest, weakest signals amongst conflict and interference, analyses data in real-time while recording and locating the activity. Integrated into wider, autonomous security systems such as CCTV, identifying the individuals behind the breach becomes much more accessible. Not only does this solution offer a much more reliable level of security, but it’s also unintrusive and saves human resource expenditure.

Centralised computing and storage infrastructure such as cloud storage and virtual access is growing in demand. In direct correlation, pressures are increasing on data centre’s ability to ensure security and reliability to users.

These centres and internal servers house personal and business-critical information. Successful breaches result in significant detriments to the future performance and trust in these services. While many data centres have resilient cyber and physical security, they are still vulnerable to …

Overt AI provides constant, highly detailed wide-band monitoring on any component malfunctions, infiltration or data exfiltration attempts through radio frequency. Instant awareness allows for investigation before an attack is carried out, not after.

Corporations and consumers trust the finance sector with vast amounts of money and private data. To its extent, policy allows regulators to hold these institutions financially liable for monetary loss and theft of sensitive information. Even if a breach is not directly their fault, they can still be held accountable if authorities determine that security measures were not comprehensive or sufficient in minimising hazard.

The financial sector would benefit from an enhanced oversight of radio frequency activity, in and around their facilities. Overt AI is an intelligent, invisible, always present sweep team. Human technical surveillance counter measure teams are costly, intrusive and insufficient in preventing infiltration and exfiltration in the modern day. Manual sweeps are simple to evade and detecting cutting edge surveillance or transmitting technologies is harder than ever before.

Once installed, a network of finely calibrated sensors and deep-learning artificial intelligence will analyse, record and report on the activity of the space in real-time and in the finest detail. Any suspicious behaviour in the area is investigated and located in seconds before alerting security guards. Overt AI’s open-source API allows for third party integration, creating a seamless protective measure.

To find out more about Overt AI Counter-Surveillance, and to view a demonstration, please get in touch.