Spectrum Management

Exceptional Monitoring, Efficient Management.

Radio Frequency Monitoring and Management

The defining factor in the management of the RF space is monitoring. In real-time, Overt AI provides an overview of spectrum use and quickly detects and locates any interferences, anomalies, or breaches in allocated RF space. Our spectrum management is ideal for applications ranging from military areas and border control to large public events and facilities.

Ensure proper regulation with Overt AI’s next-generation, energy and cost-efficient, deep learning signal processing capabilities.

Radio frequency nodes

Swiftly Pinpoint Interference

Those with allotted spectrum space expect to operate without issues. Interference and conflicts in the spectrum are instantly identified and located using direction finding (DF) and Geolocation. Rapidly identifying and locating spectrum interference and conflict saves time and frustration by providing personnel with the information needed to resolve the issue as it arises.

Our technology will provide actionable intelligence, allowing you to identify even the most minor issues and opportunities to improve your spectrum usage through detailed accounts of use over time.

A map with a pin-point on a transmitting device.

Military Application

In large and complex situations like military allocated RF space, oversight is crucial in ensuring a smooth and safe operation. Users will be able to monitor and keep track of what’s happening across the area. In doing so, it’s possible to allocate and run potentially conflicting operations at the same time. For example, testing new, offensive jammers may be assigned to a specific frequency while an aircraft training run is underway in the exact geographic location. Any spectrum conflict or breaches of allocation are instantly identified and located, providing an additional layer of security and safety.

Overt AI has mobile, in-field capability as well as Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) compatibility, providing an added layer of situational awareness to those on the ground. An example use case is IED and controller detection. Soldiers have complete awareness of RF activity across a large area, even in dense urban or jungle environments that are prone to heavy multi-path propagation issues. Those on the ground will be able to identify and geolocate active transmitters, saving lives and increasing the chances of identifying the assailants.

Improvised explosive device IED

Occupancy and Use Monitoring

Users and regulators can reference detailed accounts of spectrum activity to inform decisions on how to optimise the use of their space and the resources within it. Overt AI provides records of frequency band usage, the time of service, location, and power consumption levels. Organisations can use this information to maintain spectrum allocation or to reallocate, improving RF space efficiency.

Gain complete oversight of your arena with actionable information to improve your operation and respond to emerging challenges rapidly. Widely applicable from commercial to military and various regulatory use.

A laptop with frequency spectrum analytics on screen

If you need to manage and monitor the RF Spectrum for regulatory, military or commercial use, you’ll need a flexible, accurate and scalable system, that doesn’t just give you RF data, but actionable intelligence.

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