How Overt AI can protect you and your business

Deployable technology to detect, identify and geolocate malicious signals in complex RF environments to protect you against frequency jamming and the compromising of secure facilities whilst providing you with long term pre-emptive solutions.

Operational Technology

Maintain complete oversight of your operational technology.

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IoT Monitoring

Gain complete awareness of radio-frequency interconnected technologies.

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Direction Finding / Geolocation

Knowing that a transmission exists is important, but knowing the location of that transmission can deliver vital intelligence in both military and civilian applications…

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Spectrum Management

The RF spectrum is a finite resource used by many civil and military applications. To ensure proper and fair use, the spectrum is heavily regulated and frequency bands…

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A map with a pin-point on a transmitting device.


Illicit intelligence is a never-ending threat; from criminals trying to obtain information for financial gain, to sophisticated state-sponsored adversaries looking for…

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Situational Awareness

Situational awareness (SA) helps decision makers throughout an organization have the information and understanding available to make good decisions in…

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Drone Defence

Drones and UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) have many positive and legitimate uses but there are increasing concerns that they’re being used for dangerous activities…

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Research and Development

Research and Development forms the basis for most of the work that the Cyber Defence Service does. As such, Overt AI is one of the many products that has been spawned from a think tank of cyber, artificial intelligence, law enforcement and infrastructure specialists. If you have a problem to solve, get in touch and we will work with you to obtain your goal using the latest in cutting-edge technology.

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