Research and Development

Capture and analyse radio frequency activity in high fidelity across a broad frequency range.

Overt AI is one of the many products that has been spawned from a think tank of cyber security, artificial intelligence, law enforcement and infrastructure specialists.

Wideband I/Q Recording and Analysis

A system must be portable and highly adaptable to accommodate a range of environments.

Activity can occur at any time, at any point in the frequency spectrum. Long-duration recording capabilities are essential.

The challenges associated with accurately and reliably recording radio frequency activity are extensive. Additional challenges are included when running an in-field operation, or a complex operation with many continuously moving, conflicting and changing signals.

Many spectrum recorders on the market are a separate entity from the real-time analysis machines that provide monitoring. Unfortunately, even though they are dedicated machines, many spectrum recorders are not capable of high-fidelity signal capture. They have relatively high noise and limited bandwidth. These systems are often desk bound, requiring high amounts of power and being too awkward, cumbersome and prone to damage for field operations.

Overt AI combines real-time intelligent signal capture and analysis with high fidelity, wide-band, low noise spectrum recording. Even the briefest and weakest signals amongst powerful transmitters and spectrum conflict get identified, located and recorded for further analysis. Our system is portable and provides users with accurate, adaptable awareness for emerging challenges and environments.


Why use Overt AI in your research and development program?


Never miss a thing with sharp resolution I/Q data capture.


Use DeepView to identify key signals across terabytes of data


Detailed outline of signal properties, including time and location.


Export ultra-short pulses and other signals of interest


Enmesh Overt AI across a wide array of applications for complimentary use.

Deep Learning Edge Compute Nodes

Our custom-built hardware utilises the next generation NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™, raising the bar in compute density, energy efficiency, and AI inferencing capabilities at the edge. Overt AI has the option of using multiple embedded high-performance PCIe-based software-defined radios and is the next evolution in next-generation intelligent signal processing.

Overt AI Unit


Interference hunting

Interference hunting

Gather detailed, full-signal data and identify the most subtle and unpredictable interference and the source.

Test and monitor your facilities or take the technology with you for full spectrum situational awareness as your environment changes.

Test and Measure

Test and Measure

Get ahead of technical failure and optimise the functionality of your networks and equipment by taking a closer look at their radio frequency activity.

Enhance the safety of autonomous technologies such as vehicles, medical and other industry 4.0 operational interconnected systems.

Signals Intel

Signals Intelligence

Relay encrypted communications to 3rd party decryption programs.

Create and organise libraries of RF activity for classification and response. For example, drones, IED’s, radar.

Categorise and store known and unknown signals for future testing.



Monitor reflections to determine if the radar system is properly calibrated and recording the correct return.

Record and analyse radar output.

3rd party I/Q systems.



Orbital communication:

  • Monitor and troubleshoot interference.
  • Analysis on signals of interest.
Vehicle-to-everything (V2X)

Vehicle to Everything (V2X)

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