How Overt AI can protect you and your business

Overt AI is the first deep-learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered signal analysis platform that provides clear, real-time and remote situational awareness of an invisible battlespace.

Overt AI makes actionable information available for any situation, from tracking potential attackers in crowded urban environments to ensuring functionality and security of operational systems, communications, and broadcasts across a wide variety of contexts. Overt AI brings clarity to complex cases. The platform guides human decision‐making by connecting teams and providing critical information that enables personnel to respond to potential operational issues and security threats as quickly and efficiently as possible.

IoT Monitoring

Overt AI enhances security and operational functionality by providing users with a thorough real-time and recorded account of their IoT technology assets activity.

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Operational Technology

Bolster the security and safety of your assets and prevent significant damages through detailed monitoring of your equipment’s behaviour and incoming attempts of foul play.

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Offensive Cyber Capabilities

Governments and law enforcement have realised that a passive, defensive approach to cybersecurity has limited success. Instead, there is growing recognition of the need for persistent engagement that infiltrates and degrades a targets systems and infrastructure. Offensive cybersecurity operations refer to the proactive attack on a target to cripple or disrupt their operations and deter future attacks.

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Deep Learning Edge Compute Nodes

Our custom-built hardware utilises the next generation NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™, raising the bar in compute density, energy efficiency, and AI inferencing capabilities at the edge. Overt AI has the option of using multiple embedded high-performance PCIe-based software-defined radios and is the next evolution in next-generation intelligent signal processing.

Overt AI Hardware device unit

The Cyber Defence Service

Building the impossible.

Overt AI is a product developed by the CDS. Our team specialises in capability development, a process for engineering hardware and software systems to provide advanced offensive and defensive cyber capabilities.